Frequently Asked Questions (Customers)

All our valeters will provide us with proof of Public Liability insurance before being allowed on the site. All customers will be able to leave reviews for the valeter once the job has been completed, meaning you will know exactly how people rate and trust the company you might use. If any valeter falls below a 2-star rating they will be removed from the site.
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If you want to cancel your booking then you will need to contact the valeter and arrange a new time or date. If you want to cancel your boking you must notify the valeter at least 24 hours prior to the appointment, I not you the money will not be refundable.
There are many benefits from using CWUK, firstly the valeters that will be cleaning your car, are professionals. They take their jobs very seriously and treat each car as if it was their own. All the valeters will be rating by the customer after each job, so they will always need to give 100% to make sure they keep up to their high standards. Once the customer has left a rating for the valeter they will be able to collect their loyalty points. All customers will also be rated by the valeter so this will also help to ensure that even the customers using CWUK are keeping to a high standard we are striving to achieve.
When your vehicle has been cleaned you will be promoted to rate and leave and review for the valeter that carried out the work. Once you have left a review for the customer you will be eligible to a loyalty point.
Once you have collected 10 loyalty points you will be able to use your points on your next order, you can select any service and any supplier from where ever you want in the country.
Once you have received 10 loyalty points, on your 11th order you will receive a 50% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions (Suppliers)

You will be paid on a weekly basis, with the 10% commission already having been automatically deducted.
There is no joining fee, only a £10 monthly subscription plus the 10% commission on bookings through the website and mobile application.
Be seen on a Nationwide network, use our live calendar system as your own personal diary, advertising on a huge scale, reputable valeters which customers can trust.
There is no tie in clause. We are so sure you will be happy with the service that you will not be required to enter into a long-term contract, if for some absurd reason you would wish to leave us then simply give us one month notice and that’s our relationship over. We will however always welcome you back with open arms.
Should you wish to leave then you will lose any ratings you have gained during your time with us.
The idea behind CWUK was to ensure all valeters offer the highest possible standard, because of this if you fall below a 2-star rating you will be given your one month notice from us and come off the site, if there has been one review that has dropped your rating to this level then you will have the ability to appeal this.
We will be advertising Nationwide, with specific efforts being made in areas where we have valeters to ensure we bring you the best possible service, as well as to keep new customers booking.